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My Account and My Orders

What is 'My Account'? How would I refresh my data ?

It is anything but difficult to refresh your Indiaonlinebazaar record and view your requests whenever through 'My Account'.

'My Account' permits you finish control over your exchanges on Indiaonlinebazaar

Oversee/alter your own information like address, telephone numbers, email ids

Change your secret word

status of your requests

How would I consolidate my Indiaonlinebazaar accounts connected to various email ids?

You can consolidate two of your Indiaonlinebazaar accounts connected to various email ids or refresh the email id connected to your current Indiaonlinebazaar account. The procedure is the same.

Stage 1: Log in to your Indiaonlinebazaar account.

Stage 2: In the 'My Account' page, go to the 'Record data' tab and tap on the 'Change EMail' alternative

Stage 3: In the 'Change Email' page, your 'present email' id is appeared.

- Enter your 'new email' id beneath and existing secret word.

- Click the 'Spare' catch. You will get a 'We have sent a mail to your new email id for re-affirmation' message.

Stage 4: Go to your 'new email' record and tap on the Indiaonlinebazaar account - Update Email message for affirmation.

Stage 5: You are presently diverted to the 'Refresh Email' page.

- Below your 'new email' id, give the watchword to your current Indiaonlinebazaar account.

- Enter your new Indiaonlinebazaar account secret key.

- Re-enter to affirm your new Indiaonlinebazaar account secret key.

- Click the 'Refresh Email' catch.

How would I know my request has been affirmed?

Once your request has been logged and installment approval has been gotten, the merchant affirms receipt of the request and starts preparing it.

You will get an email containing the subtle elements of your request when the merchant gets it and affirms the same. In this mail you will be furnished with a novel Order ID (eg. 0212453864), a posting of the item(s) you have requested.

You will likewise be informed when the dealer sends the item(s) to you. Transportation points of interest will be given the particular following number(s).

Would i be able to arrange an item that is 'Out of Stock'?

Shockingly, items recorded as 'Out of Stock' are not accessible available to be purchased.




I see distinctive costs for books with a similar title. Why?

On Indiaonlinebazaar, you may discover different releases of the title. A few releases may be authority's first/prior prints, while some may be hardcover and others soft cover. You can check for this on the item page.

A few releases are re-distributed/printed inside India, while a few versions are transported in. All other accessible versions and option costs for a specific title are said on the individual item page under 'Different Editions'.

For what reason do I see diverse costs for a similar item?

An item could be recorded under various costs. There could be merchants offering you a similar item yet at an alternate cost. That is the idea of the Indiaonlinebazaar commercial center, where diverse dealers go after your request.

Is it important to have a record to shop on Indiaonlinebazaar?

You can shop on Indiaonlinebazaar by giving only your email ID. While it isn't important to have a record to look for and buy things, it is suggested that you make one. By making your own Indiaonlinebazaar account, you can appreciate a customized shopping background, including proposals, faster checkout and an open list of things to get. You will likewise have the capacity to rate/survey items and dealers.

What do I have to know before getting a request blessing wrapped?

1. Giftwrap choice is accessible for things recorded by select venders

2. Giftwrap is chargeable @Rs.25/ - per arrange

3. Bigger things, for example, TVs and iceboxes can't be blessing wrapped

4. Blessing wrapped requests will likewise incorporate the receipt for calculated, lawful and octroi/impose reasons